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Best Of Scavenger Hunt 2016

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Weekend Assignment: Scavenger Hunt

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Please make a picture for each of the following. Remember you may have to make more than one picture for each to get what you want. Be specific! We should be able to tell which picture goes with which scavenger hunt item without you telling us. Also if you get stuck all you have to do is try…anything!

(You got this.)

  1.  Texture
  2.  Reflection
  3.  Long line
  4.  Repetitive objects
  5.  Moving Object
  6.  Low
  7.  White
  8.  Transportation
  9.  Intersecting lines
  10.  Decay
  11.  Bright
  12.  Something high
  13.  Water
  14.  Skyline
  15.  Alley
  16.  Hat
  17.  Organic
  18.  Man-made
  19.  Path
  20.  Steel
  21.  Hole
  22.  Curve
  23.  Darkness
  24.  Over/under
  25.  Beauty

Student Survey

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Please go to this survey and answer all of the questions and then hit submit.

Best of Scavenger Hunt

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Summer Paychecks

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I’ll be at Senn on Thursday, August 20th at 11 am to hand out your second paychecks. Plan to meet me in our classroom on the 3rd floor. If for any reason we can’t get in the building I’ll be outside near the flag pole.

Text me if anything comes up,



Framing Genre Exploration

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Film Noir

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Framing Genre Exploration Brainstorm

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Framing Genre Exploration Brainstorm

Faheem Majeed at the MCA

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We will be visiting the MCA today to check out a few of the exhibitions. We’ll be looking specifically at Faheem Majeed’s project. Please read the description of Faheem and his work here.

Scavenger Hunt Best Of

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